Bill Madder

Who is Bill Madder?

The new complex will create a well deserved legacy for one of the most respected and well liked figures ever to grace the halls of Churchill High School; former Vice-Principal (1956-62) and Principal (1965-1980), Mr. Bill Madder. Mr. Madder’s support of student activities of all kinds is legendary.  Through almost 25 years of his professional career, he attended key events whether it was operettas, track meets or football/basketball games (remember him walking down the hall on his hands!). As Mr Madder now approaches 90, he still makes it out to graduations and awards dinners as much as he can.  No one else covers the decades of the school’s history and is known and respected by more alumni than Bill Madder.  It seems only fitting that the rejuvenated complex be the legacy of one of the school’s most ardent supporters.